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Updated for 2024


EC1007: Statistics for Economists 1 

Final Examination Guide and Notes 2023 


Part A. Topic Summary and Exam Tips 

Part B. Exam Practice Questions and Answers 

Part C. Sample Final Examination Paper 

Part D. Suggested Solutions to Final Exam Paper 


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University of Leicester - EC1007: Statistics for Economists 1

  • ACADEMIC YEAR 2023 - 2024


    University University of Leicester
    Study Level Undergraduate
    Module Code EC1007
    Module Name Statistics for Economists 1
    Notes Title Final Examination Guide and Notes
    Page Length 61


    This concise EC1007: Statistics for Economists 1, University of Leicester - Final Examination Guide and Notes 2023 covers essential steps to understand the relevant theories in this module. The illustrations and worked examples show essential workings to apply those theories. And when you are through with your course materials, you can take a sample exam with solutions and explanations provided, created specifically to simulate the real test-taking experience. With this guide, you can aim for the best grade with the help of relevant and accessible notes, examiner advice plus questions and answers on each key examinable topic. 

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